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Jenna Heller  / Jenna Heller (classmate)  Read >>
Jenna Heller  / Jenna Heller (classmate)
I can't believe it's been 10 years. I always wonder what you and your sisters would be doing now. You and Hunter would both have jobs and you're little sister would be in middle school. Close
♡♥♡♥ / Hayley Zelenak (bff)  Read >>
♡♥♡♥ / Hayley Zelenak (bff)
It seems like forever since I have been on here to write to you and let you know how things are going. My world has been changing a lot but I think its for the better. Its hard to believe that it has been 6 years since you were called home and I wish every day that you and your sisters were still here. please look out for my mom she's having a hard time and could really use some help getting through it. She lives with me now so I help as much as I can but if you could just let her know your there helping her along it would mean the world to me. Love you chy ♥♡♥ Close
help me thru my struggle  / Jenna Heller (Classmate)  Read >>
help me thru my struggle  / Jenna Heller (Classmate)
Hey Chey! I think of u alot and I visited u a couple months ago just to talk and put some flowers down since the others blew away :) I'm crying as I am typing this cuz I want to share something with you well I was diagnosed with depression in 2005 and the next seven years were very tough for me. When I was sixteen I stopped eating and started to starve myself this continued for two years but I stopped in January 2011 ur thinking why would Jenna do such a thing well I was still depressed and not on the right antidepressants. Eventually ppl in our class found out it was obvious because I would have panic attacks at school a lot. I hated that everyone found out because I felt like I would be treated different or get gossiped about. I'll be starting group therapy in a couple months then I want to take the accuplacer and take one or two college classes to see if it will be right for me. Wish me luck! I know you are our classes guardian angel helping all of us when we need it =) my sisters and I set off balloons at our grad party last year honoring u and ur sisters. I hope u got them =} I'll be strong cuz u will always be with me <3 Jenna Marie Close
i need a favor.  / Cassie Vassar (bff)  Read >>
i need a favor.  / Cassie Vassar (bff)
Hey girl. i miss you sooo much. i know youre looking out for all of us and we all thank you tons. thank you for pointing me in the right direction lately, and i know it was you :). but i have a favor to ask you. i need your help with something, i need you to write a message on my back to show everyone how much you mean to me. I'm going to lunch with your mommy on sunday and shes going to give me something of yours to help me make a font for my tattoo for you. I want it to look like you legitly wrote it on my back. Please help me make this turn out. i wish you were here. i need you rather bad and cant wait til i see you again. i love you cheyenne! <3 hugs and kisses to all three of you. stay strong and stand by all of us please mmmmmwah i love you Close
5 years  / Auntie Annie (Aunt)  Read >>
5 years  / Auntie Annie (Aunt)
Miss you so much. 5 years ago god though he needed more than me. I hope he was right cause the hole in my heart has never been filled. Huggs and Kisses Close
missing you  / Abby Kumrow (friend)  Read >>
missing you  / Abby Kumrow (friend)
So today i've been thinking about you even more than usual...and i realized how long its been since i've written on here just to say hi. I still think of you all the time. We're all off at college now..meeting new people and all so far apart..but i know that we're always going to have eachother. Talked with a friend today about you. it has been a long time since i in depth have done that. I thought it was going to be really hard..but at the end i smiled. I realized that as far away from everyone as i am...Your always with all of us. And we're all held together through you. I miss you and love you! Talk with you soon angel. Close
Needing You  / Amber Prom (friend)  Read >>
Needing You  / Amber Prom (friend)
I miss you so much. I wish with all my heart that you could be here doing all this stuff with us. We're graduating in a few months and going away to college and I'm so scared to be leaving everyone. I just want us all to be together one last time. I know that you're still with us I just wish things were different. Thank you for everything you've done for us these past years. We couldn't have done it without you. You give me the courage to keep going and I'm so thankful to have you watching over me. I love you Close
Miss you  / Raechal Murray (Oldd friend )  Read >>
Miss you  / Raechal Murray (Oldd friend )

so i know its been a really long time that you and you sweet sisters have been made Gods angels. I just want to say that you have never left my thoughts. I miss you so much. i only wish i had spent more time with you. you hunter and Raeven were like sisters to me. i miss all of you so much xoxox

<3 / Hayley Zelenak (bff)  Read >>
<3 / Hayley Zelenak (bff)
hey chy i miss you soo much and there's not a day that goes by that i dont miss you and think about you. i know you've seen everything since you flew up to heaven but i want to tell you anyways. im out of my bad situation and im doing so much better in school now. i hope to go to marian university in the fall!! its so hard to be thinking about going off to school with out you we should all be having fun our senior year together. im going to phs second semester to graduate but im not walking across the stage because im going to watch all of our class mates at random walk across the stage and get their diplomas and in my mind and heart there will be a gap where your name should be when they call off the names. ash got you a tassel for your grave stone so you can have one like everybody else does =)so i heard this amazing song into the light in this moment i love it and for some reason it makes you think of me because the moment you flew up to heaven changed my whole life. i thought i knew where i wanted to go in life but now im not sure. im so lost i have no clue what i want to do with my life. im scared to go off to college and not have a clue what i want to do. i have ideas but that doesn't mean anything. please help me i need you here with me. and i know my boyfriend will hate it but i miss your pink hair and im thinking about dying my hair pink again in memory of you. it wouldnt be my whole head but mby the tips like you had or mby underneath... im not sure yet. i turn 18 in two days and i should be more excited than i am. the only thing im looking forward to is getting my tattoo in memory of you hunter and rae'ven. it seems like you three are all i can think about as of late and my friend matt too. im sure you met him he's such a great guy i know you two get along up there. please send me guidance let me know you are there and that you are listening anything please just so i know... <3 i love you chy forever dont ever forget that. Close
I love you  / Ashley Stolper ("sister")  Read >>
I love you  / Ashley Stolper ("sister")
hey sis jus wanted to say hi and i miss u tons. i think about you nonstop. wish u were here i miss you alot. LOVE YOU. senior year would be way better if you were here. its not as awesome as we thought it would be lol. you will always be my best friend. ull never b replaced. love you girly. Close
Thinking of you!  / Danielle Martens (Friend)  Read >>
Thinking of you!  / Danielle Martens (Friend)
Cheyenne! You will definately be there with us at prom this year. We're making bracelets with pink ribbon in them for you. For our class were having elaminated cards in memory of you attatched to the key chains we get for prom. We'll be thinking of you all night! We love and miss you! Close
i miss you  / Hayley Zelenak (bff)  Read >>
i miss you  / Hayley Zelenak (bff)
so it's been three years and it doesn't seem like it. seems like only yesterday i was at your house for your birthday and riding our bikes down the bike path. we all came out and visited you and rae'ven and hunter today. the graves have a lot of stuff on them. i miss you sooo much cheyenne and im striving to be a better person for you. i hope you are looking out for hunter and rae'ven and everybody back here at home. Close
hey bestie  / Ashley Stolper (best friend )  Read >>
hey bestie  / Ashley Stolper (best friend )

hey bestest friend in the whole entire world... just wanted to say hey and i miss you alot. ive been thinking alot about you and i want you to know tat alot of others have been to. alot has been happening around here.. well alot in my house atleast. things i wish you were here to see. although i do know you are above looking down on me as well as others. So far in my life my dad has entered my life and im proud of it... alil shaky but its getting good. i rly wish you were here becuz me and you talked alot about tat. now its finally happening and your not here to see it. he lives in minnesota and has kids. i have also currently decided wat colleges i want to attend! yay! haha its a big step for me lol. you are always in my heart and i miss you so much. please watch down on everyone here... they rly need it! guide them in the right direction please. tats all i ask.



i love you sis

Love Ashley

Love You  / Auntie Annie   Read >>
Love You  / Auntie Annie

Merry Christmas Kiddo. I really miss you. Wishing you were here. Hope you are having a good christmas with your sisters. Love you and miss you


hey. / Hayley Zelenak (good friend )  Read >>
hey. / Hayley Zelenak (good friend )
hey cheyenne there's somebody i want you to meet. there's this guy i really like and i think you would like him too his name is channing. im so happy with him and this is the happiest i've been in a long time. i really want you to like him i wish you were here to meet him and hang out with us it would be so much fun... please look out for everybody back here we need you to help us make the right decisions in life... i miss you chy i will see you again one day. Close
i miss you so much.  / Hayley Zelenak (good friend )  Read >>
i miss you so much.  / Hayley Zelenak (good friend )
hey cheyenne i miss you soo much... there's not a day that goes by that i don't think about you and your sisters. you would be so proud of me im starting EMT basic in Januari. i'm going to save people some day! isn't it weird? we usda goof around all the time durring school and hardly anything was serious but now im going to hold other peoples lives in my hands... i wish you could be here there's so much i want to tell you. tell steve casarez (lorna's brother) i say hi he's up there with you now too. im also going to become a firefighter bet you can guess why... you are my inspiration my reason to keep goin everyday. it's hard with out you here to make me laugh. it seems like just yesterday we were playing out on the play ground or inside playing dodge ball... cheyenne my goal in life is to tell your story and to try to prevent it from happening to anybody else... i hope you are happy cuz u always had that smile on your face no matter what even if you were mad at one of us it only lasted for a little while because you couldn't stay mad at anybody and nobody could stay mad at you... i still don't understand why this had to happen but i've come to the realization that everything happens for a reason and there is nothing we can do about it. you are forever in my heart chy ily and your sisters so much... i hope to see you one day again. Close
Hi / Angela Dorzok (Aunt)  Read >>
Hi / Angela Dorzok (Aunt)
Just wanted to say Hi. I also have a favor. I asked Hunter already. You have a new person up there her name is Kat. She's a really good person. Could you please keep an eye on her. She's new and may need some help. Auntie annie misses all of you so much. Close
hey girly  / Cassie Vassar (BFF)  Read >>
hey girly  / Cassie Vassar (BFF)

hey Chy i miss you. sorry i havent been on here in a really really long time... ive been thinking about you a lot lately. I cried at homecoming... i dont know what to talk about theres sooo much stuff i wanna tell you.... i got a new job. and doing good in school. i just hope your with all of us everyday... lately we need ur help...  i miss you a lot...and want you to meet someone. His name is coleman. i think you'll like him...hes a dork just like HS isnt a lot of fun with out you here... but we make the best of it....  i miss you lots and hope to see you one day... :'(  i love you lots... say hi to hunter and rae'ven for me.... thanks i love you lots....come visit me and we'll have to talk...


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