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My "sister"  / Ashley Stolper (BFF)  Read >>
My "sister"  / Ashley Stolper (BFF)

Chy is my sister, a friend, and my angel. i love her very much. She has been my bff since the 3rd grade and always will be. I love you, rae`ven, hunter, tara and donny. i will visit you and your sisters and obcourse your mom and donny. You will never be forgotten. You touched me and my family and everyone at school. You will look down on me and i will look up to you. You will never ever be forgotten. I love you lots. You are my sister. when i walk outside i won't forget you because of when you broke the garden, you were not allowed to come to my house but i still let you. I know you will help me make my decisions and help me through life. Your family is my family and i will never forget that I MISS YOU ALOT.  why did this have to happen. i am scared but i know you will protect me and everyone else will to. everyone is saying why did this have to happen we don't know but we know you are still here. When softball comes i will try hard just for you. You are my light, my path, and my sister. i ask every day why didn't you wake up, i scream it, "why didin't you wake up,why. I love you sis. 

your bff, Ash

FAMILY IS FOREVER  / I. <3 U.   Read >>
(((XOXOXOX))) Close

Forever we will carry you in our hearts

To MY  / TRUE FRIENDS   Read >>

Friends never die they live in our hearts forever I love you all<3

An Angel by Your Side  / Angelica Grover (Twinless Twin)   Read >>
An Angel by Your Side  / Angelica Grover (Twinless Twin)
May You Always Have
An Angel by Your Side

“May you always have an angel by your side
Watching out for you in all things you do
Reminding you to keep believing in brighter days
Finding ways for your wishes and dreams to come true
Giving you hope that is as certain as the sun
Giving you the strength of serenity as your guide
May you always have love and comfort and courage
And may you always have an angel by your side
Someone there to catch you if you fall
Encouraging your dreams
Inspiring your happiness
Holding your hand and helping you through it all
In all of our days, our lives are always changing
Tears come along as well as smiles
Along the roads you travel, may the miles be a thousand times more lovely than lonely
May they give you gifts that never, ever end: someone wonderful to love and a dear friend in whom you can confide
May you have rainbows after every storm
May you have hopes to keep you warm
And may you always have an angel by your side”

-Douglas Pagels
Cheyenne An Awesome Person!!  / Amanda Pierce (Friend)  Read >>
Cheyenne An Awesome Person!!  / Amanda Pierce (Friend)
Cheynne never had a frown on her face. She never got down on herself. She had a smile on all the time no matter what. I may not have been Best Friends with her, but i still miss her just as much as everyone else. She was a type of friend that would laugh at you and have fun with you without hurting you. Chy always cheered people up when they were down. She would put a smile on everyones face just by walking into the room. Her smile will brighten the world and she will always guide us through our tough times. 
I truely miss her and wish this wud of never happened, but everyone is thinking that. I think Chy is now the angel that is on our shoulders telling us what to do and how to do it. I will miss her in gym class, but i will remeber the good times that i had with her in every class. GOODBYE CHY!! I will truely miss u FOREVER! AND SO WILL EVERYONE ELSE!! Close
THinking of you & your daughter  / Cathie   Read >>
THinking of you & your daughter  / Cathie
I don't know what posessed me to click on this website today, but here I am.  I never do this type of thing, but I am also a mother who lost a daughter, my only child, almost 10 years ago.  She was 23, a beautiful young woman, just beginning a teaching career.  She died of liver disease.  I wish I had words for you, to comfort you - I do not.  What I do know, is that she will always be your daughter, always with you.  There is no right or wrong to your grieving and no timeline.  Ten years now and my husband still can't speak her name - I can't NOT speak it - it's different for us all.  My thoughts are with you, your daughter & family.  Cathie Close
So much pain  / Molly Buxton-Remington (Mom to Angel Sofia Buxton-Anderson )  Read >>
So much pain  / Molly Buxton-Remington (Mom to Angel Sofia Buxton-Anderson )
I am so sorry it is the worst kind of pain to go thru. I too lost my 13 year old daughter on 12-17-05. She is now my sweet angel, I pray for your peace in the following days, weeks and months.

And though you are no longer seen,
By family and friends;
You live because you were
Dearly loved,
And love can never end. Close
Just Wanted To Say  / Marsha Christian (mom of Angel Derrick Rowe )  Read >>
Just Wanted To Say  / Marsha Christian (mom of Angel Derrick Rowe )
I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Marsha Christian and I lost my son Derrick Rowe on July 3, 2006, It was the worst day of my life. I will not tell you that the pain gets easier, I will not tell you she is in a better place. I got tired of hearing that when my Derrick left us. Know that I feel your pain and am always here to "vent" on. You can reach me thru my son's site. God bless you all.

Marsha Christian

THINKING OF U!  / Jenna Heller (friend)  Read >>
THINKING OF U!  / Jenna Heller (friend)
Chyenne, I wish the best 4 u! We miss u alot! I remember wen u took my pen that was so funny and I will always remember that 4 the rest of my life! U and ur sisters will be treasured forever in all of Random Lake Middle School and Elementary school! Close
chy / Cassie Vassar (friend forever )  Read >>
chy / Cassie Vassar (friend forever )
Cheyenne was a good friend to everyone. She has 4 pets, Prince(cat), Percilla(cat), Elvis(cat), and Muchie(hampster). She has 2 sisters, Rae'ven(5) and Hunter(10). She loves the Seventeen Magazine and always would show it to her friends on the bus ride home Close
pictures / Shelly (friends mother )  Read >>
pictures / Shelly (friends mother )

A picture is worth a thousand words .. so if anyone would like to add any pictures that they have of chy, hunter or rae'ven please do so as I will update the site and add them to the photo albums ...

it's hard  / Andrea Swanson (friend)  Read >>
it's hard  / Andrea Swanson (friend)
Chy, when i found out u died i didnt believe it, but now i know its true.  Chy was the kind of person who didnt care what anyone thought. She never made fun of anyone and she never got made fun of, everyone respected her just like she respected everyone else.  Chyennes death has affected everyone in our class even the people she wasnt closest to.  Chy's spirit will live on in all of us all we have to do is smile, just like Chy always did.  We all will miss you

Much Love,
        Andrea Close
We'll Remember You Forever...  / Bianca Schneider (Friend)  Read >>
We'll Remember You Forever...  / Bianca Schneider (Friend)
We will always think of Chy when ever we see a Lisa Frank sticker or camo. Cheyenne was one of those people that really didn't care what people thought of her, she would just be herself. She loved to laugh and hang out with her close friends. I remember laughing with her in math. We will always remember her. Bracelets were made in memory of her and her sisters. They are being sold for $2 and the money is going to her parents. Ask around school if you would like to buy one. The bacelets were made to rememind us of the three girls and how great they were as people and how much we will miss them... We love you Chy and will always rememer you... <3 Close
Every Day  / K.D. Hartwig (Friend)  Read >>
Every Day  / K.D. Hartwig (Friend)

Cheyenne, every day we will remember your great personality. You never judged anybody and were friends with all! Everytime I would look at you, you'd be smiling and making people laugh! You were such a nice girl and I should have realized that from the start. Every day we will think about you and we will never forget the happiness you brought everywhere! Every day I will think about the fun we had when you and your two sisters came over to play at my house during the summer. We have all cried tears out for you and your sisters, now its time to remember you and your positive personality that showed everyday at Random Lake. You were one of the few people I know that didn't care about what anybody else thinks. You were also one of the few that truly showed who they really are and didn't pretend to be who they're not. YOU are the perfect example of how a friend should be and no one will ever forget you. Random Lake will remember you, Cheyenne Groth, for you generous personality, your laugh, and the warmth you brought all these years to Random Lake! You have made us all realize what kind of person we are, and what kind of person we should be. WE ALL LOVE AND MISS YOU MUCH!


A True Friend at Heart  / Amber, Frankie, Leah, And Melissa Prom, Sanfelippo, Mendini, And Drescher (Friends)  Read >>
A True Friend at Heart  / Amber, Frankie, Leah, And Melissa Prom, Sanfelippo, Mendini, And Drescher (Friends)

It takes a true friend to forgive. In the last few weeks we have drifted apart from our true friends. Cheyenne's passing has brought us all closer together. It blows that something so bad was needed  to bring us closer. It takes a true friend to catch us when we fall, and we all thank you for that. We feel bad that Cheyenne wasn't liked by all people, because she wasn't cool enough in their eyes. Cheyenne was definitly cool in the eyes of her close friends. Cheyenne was so unique. She wasn't scared to show the true inner core of her soul. All in all she has a great personality and a sweet heart. We were told that everyone who cried was effected by this wonderful person. She never got put down by criticism, and she never got to experince life to the fullest, so all of her loving friends will carry it on for her. Some people may believe they were close friends to her but one of her closest, true friends is Cassie. She created this wonderful site for the great three angels. We give her a round of applause, Thank you. Now we can always remember.

Cheyenne, you were a great person!  / K.D. Hartwig (Friend)  Read >>
Cheyenne, you were a great person!  / K.D. Hartwig (Friend)
Cheyenne you were the nicest person and you always were smiling and cheering everybody up! You have been a really good friend to everybody you have known and that is how a person should be! I have always seen you laughing and making people around you laugh and I miss you so much! You were an awesome person Cheyenne. You were always smiling and that is what we will all remember about you Chy!

Love, K.D Close
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