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fly with the butterflies  / Hayley Zelenak (bff)  Read >>
fly with the butterflies  / Hayley Zelenak (bff)
so yea the last one i posted was soposed to be this really pretty picture of a butterfly that says rip fly with the butterflies but it didn't work.... im sorry ..... rest in peace chy-fi fly with the butterflies!! I miss you soo much!!! Close
fly with the butterflies  / Hayley Zelenak (bff)  Read >>
fly with the butterflies  / Hayley Zelenak (bff)
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Merry Christmas  / Angela Dorzok (Auntie Annie )  Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Angela Dorzok (Auntie Annie )
Merry Christmas Cheyenne. Auntie Annie and Uncle John miss you. Tristen too!!!! I did forget you christmas shopping. Love you very much!!!! Close
I miss you so much  / Ashley Stolper (BFF)  Read >>
I miss you so much  / Ashley Stolper (BFF)

Hey Chy i miss you so much i think about you alot. and i wish you were here i really really miss you. high school doesn't seem the same without you because we always dreamed of it. and i found a whole bunch of stuff we wrote together. know i have it hanging up in my room so i will remember all the times we had together. i miss you so much. i know i said that like ten times but i really miss you. I will always remember you. i will never ever forget about you. Homecoming wasn't as much fun. it was but parts it wasn't. High school is alittle hard. Well i got to go. ttyl <3 you bunches.

a poem just 4 u  / Miranda Hurley (Friend)  Read >>
a poem just 4 u  / Miranda Hurley (Friend)

anyone who is reading this i came up with this poem all by my self which means its not gunna be a great one.

A Friend To Me

a friend to me.
a best friend for others.
a former student for teachers.
a daughter for few.
a great person that will never be forgotten.
a girl with a smile on her face whether she is here or not.
a friend with a great attitude. 
a great role nodle to many.
a person that will be in my heart forever.
and to many others.


sweet dreams  / Hayley Zelenak (bff)  Read >>
sweet dreams  / Hayley Zelenak (bff)
i miss you soo much chy-fi.... everything is falling apart.... when that used to happen you would fix it... but now it's falling apart and i don't know how to fix it.... i miss you soo much chy.... i think of you everyday... and everyday i wonder if mabey just mabey something had been different ...... gawd i miss you

much love chy.... sweet dreams... Close
I MISS U  / Miranda Hurley   Read >>
I MISS U  / Miranda Hurley
cheyenne, my friends and i really miss you. it seems not to long ago we were have softball games against other teams. u were always smiling. which made me smile. u were a great friend to all of us and we will NEVER forget u. I MISS YOU SO MUCH! Close
~*Miss You Chyenne*~  / Alexis Gramlow (sort of a friend )  Read >>
~*Miss You Chyenne*~  / Alexis Gramlow (sort of a friend )

Hey Chyenne, i just wanted to say that i'm really sorry for your family. You are gone but not forgotten. You will always be in our thoughts and prayers... MISS YA


homecomeing / Hayley Zelenal (bff)  Read >>
homecomeing / Hayley Zelenal (bff)
hey cheyenne lol i don't think you would have liked homecomeing with all the dresses and heels and frillies and girlyness but i think you would have had fun dancing if you had been there... even andrea wore a dress (it was funny but pretty) im sure you were there and you didn't have to folow dress code!!  i miss you and your sisters soo much

MUCH LOVE, Hayley Rose Zelenak Close
just a note  / Ashley Stolper (bff forever )  Read >>
just a note  / Ashley Stolper (bff forever )
love you girl i missed u at graduation and i miss u all the time i cried at graduation and so did ur mom. i was so glad ur mom was there i knew i were there the hole time you were in my heart and you were just there. love you girly Close
My angels  / Tara Groth (mommy)  Read >>
My angels  / Tara Groth (mommy)
Just to let everyone know there is a memorial site for each of her sisters too.  Hunter's is and Rae'vens is Close
She would have loved it...  / Abby Kumrow (Friend)  Read >>
She would have loved it...  / Abby Kumrow (Friend)
Today we graduated from 8th grade at Random Lake. Chy would haved loved it, and we would have loved her there. Awards, pretty dresses, goodbye to was awesome and i only wish she would have been there, but yet, something inside me says she was. i have a very strong fact, infact, i'm almost sure chyenne was there with us today in spirit and at heart. Its been almost 3 months and reality hasn't struck yet. We all miss her so much.....everytime i hear lips of an Angel i think of her. Love ya  Chy. Close
Have Fun Later  / Hannah M. (Friend)  Read >>
Have Fun Later  / Hannah M. (Friend)
I will always miss her and hope she has a pleasant after life, i just wish i would have been nicer to her and appreciated her uniqueness, which she carried with her always Close
Memories / Ashley Stolper (Best friend forever )  Read >>
Memories / Ashley Stolper (Best friend forever )
I remember when i was on your lap and we were swinging and then adam pushed us backwards and then I fell on top of you. That was funny. I also remember when me and you were in the living room and then mitch got the red juice and dumped it on your foot and then when mitch threw a rock at the back of your head. I also remember at the movies we had fun we just threw popcorn at people. I will never forget that movie and how we had fun. I will never forget you and all the fun times we had together. I wish you were still here and everybody else does to. Love you bunches of oats. Close
Hey Cheyenne  / Cassie Vassar (BFF)  Read >>
Hey Cheyenne  / Cassie Vassar (BFF)
Hey girly, wats up? I was thinking about you and your sisters. I miss you a lot. I love you. It's really hard going everyday with out you here. I wish you could be here with us. We'd have soo much fun. Haha you can laugh at me because i just got sunburnt, but you probably know that, lol u gave it to me, lol. School is goin good. I had an okay reportcard.. lol. Softball starts on Wednesday. Now there will be an Angel in the right field and at 1st base too. Yea Ashley got moved to 1st base we're really happy. Donny was makin fun of me and Ashley on the 21st at Palmers. I guess it was because you weren't there. Ashley and I will hit a few homers for you.  Once again i love you and wish you were here. 
another note  / Ashley Stolper (bff)  Read >>
another note  / Ashley Stolper (bff)

Hey girly, miss you lots. i think of you everyday. and always will. i love you like a sister. really i mean it. you are my best friend. Me, you, cassie, and lorna will be best friends forever. we will never split apart. Love ya always.

We'll See You Again  / K.D. Hartwig (Friend)  Read >>
We'll See You Again  / K.D. Hartwig (Friend)
Cheyenne, I still don't believe that any of this has happened. It's so hard. I and many others picture your face and hear your laugh everyday wishing you were still with us. We will all see you again someday, but I have seen you again already. I always have dreams that you are here with us at Random Lake, then I wake up with a bad feeling knowing that my dream won't come true. There isn't a single day that somebody isn't thinking of you and your sweet little sisters. I love you and miss you, but we will meet again my friends. Close
just words  / Ashley Stolper (BFF)  Read >>
just words  / Ashley Stolper (BFF)
What, sup, that makes me puke. those are words i will here and remember you. not only that but the things we did and the personality that made you that. i will never forget you. it is hard for everyone. i know i have sad that a million times but it is the truth i cry everyday because it is so hard to believe. you wouldn't think that would happen to you and your sisters. i will never forget you sis never ever ever. Close
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